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About Weaver Corporation

Weaver Corporation is a New York-based international trading company that has been operating successfully since 1991. Originally a part of the Emesa Corporation, whose roots in South America date back more than 80 years, Weaver today operates two divisions responsible for Consumer Goods, mostly consumer electronics and related products, and Industrial Products, industrial consumables ranging from plastics to commercial printing supplies.

Weaver typically manages the purchasing, financing and logistics of goods shipped from the U.S. and various ports around the world. The company enjoys excellent relationships with many manufacturers and large distributors, some dating back more than 2 decades. From China to Europe, New York to São Paulo, Weaver has a stellar reputation for being a reliable and financially solid partner in the various market segments in which it operates.

We have created JOINT VENTURES and DISTRIBUTION networks which operate in most markets where we have a presence. These are either fully owned subsidiaries or, in most cases, partnerships with local entrepreneurs.

As part of Weaver Corporation’s stated mission, we help companies around the world have greater access to the U.S. and Latin American markets by utilizing our expertise in marketing, distribution, and financing. Companies looking to expand their sales globally look to Weaver for strategic partnerships and alliances.

At Weaver, we have the expertise necessary to offer complete solutions for successfully marketing and selling products in a global and expanding marketplace. The services we provide include various options for international financing and letters of credit; shipping, logistics and warehousing; as well as insurance and inspection.

Take a moment to look at our portfolio of products and services and do not hesitate to contact us and ask how we can help you grow your business.

Complete solutions to meet your marketing and sales goals. No matter what corner of the globe.

International financing - Trade logistics - Shipping - Warehousing - Marketing and Local distribution.
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