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From industrial to consumer electronics and household products.

WEAVER recognizes the increasing need for networking and guidance in a dynamic, rapidly changing business environment. Our long term relationships with industry leaders, as provider of supply chain services, have allowed us to embrace the challenging role as innovators and developers of truly creative solutions.

Industrial Products

WEAVER has an active role in a diverse array of industrial products covering many markets worldwide. WEAVER develops business partnerships with companies that can utilize its international expertise and distribution networks. At WEAVER, we work with our partners to put together marketing and sales plans and then together execute them to reach our common goals.

Currently, WEAVER has a salesforce and distribute products in such areas as:

  • Plastics for packaging and labels
  • Printing Consumables for Off-Set, Dry Offset, Flexography and Rotogravure
  • Electrical Insulation products for laminates and temperature resistance
  • Replacement parts and Support for Electrical / Diesel / Generators / Power Stations
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Consumer Electronics and Household Products

When the Brazilian market started to open up for the importation and distribution of electronics in the early 1990’s, Weaver also initiated a partnership with OPECO - Operações Comerciais in São Paulo city.

Today, with a portfolio of more than 20 local and international brands, with distribution centers and a web presence - either directly or through the marketplaces - our partners can service its customer base all across the country.

Offering personalized service, including complete solutions with logistics and financing, OPECO is at the forefront of the electronics and household markets.

This is a dynamic market with more than 2,000 items in inventory, requiring constant renewal, technology changes, and updating of its offerings.

Well known among its suppliers and customer base, OPECO has stood the test of time and maintained the same level of trust and constant innovation, making it one of the top distributors in Latin America.


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